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About Planeta Theremin LP

Modulador de Ondas is the name of  composer, thereminist and guitarist, Paulo Pascual’s solo project. 

This LP was entirely composed, interpreted,  and arranged by him except for the specified collaborations.


Paulo Pascual: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, theremin.

Pablo Muñiz: electric piano on Planeta Theremin.

Macarena Montesinos: cello on Cefalú.

Gontxu Muiños: drum programming on Voicematic.

Emilio Atanes: drums on Batiscafo.

Recorded during July and august, 2018, at Planeta Theremin (Vigo, Galica, Spain) by Alber Costas.

* Drums on Batiscafo recorded by Victor Vacaloura in the rehersal rooms of Emilio Atanes (Cabral, Vigo).

Mixed and mastered by Alber Costas.

All songs composed by Paulo Pascual.

Planeta Theremin is an LP by a musician who gives free rein to his expressive urges. The melodies, harmonies and other sounds floated through the air during the composition of each song with scant regard for stylistic restraints.

Each song represents an area of a planet full of resources and rich in potential inspirations: Planeta Theremin. The theremin is unique: you play it without touching it in an almost magical way and it works in a radically different way to any other musical instrument. It uses electromagnetism, electronic from the past voyaging over our world towards the future. It’s truly fascinating and whilst it is very demanding it gives back so much more.

In early 2017 Paulo Pascual set out on his solo voyage after having been a member of various bands and musical projects. He set out to create his own repertoire in a couple of months and developed a totally autonomous way of playing live, using an unprecedented combination of instruments being played out by a single musician: the theremin and the electric guitar. He played over 30 live sets during the year using only these two instruments. He interspersed this with live scoring cinema screening and introductory theremin workshops, combining these informative sessions with his theremin classes. He’s the only person doing this in Galicia and he hopes that the number of theremin players multiplies and that they can form a «community» to share experiences and skills and share the pleasure of making music by caressing the air in the active sphere of the instrument’s two antennae. So, Paulo spends his time in a workshop-cum-studio in Vigo (Galicia, Spain) called Planeta Theremin, a place of work as well as a meeting point for thereminists.

The idea for Modulador de Ondas ( was visual as well as musical right from the outset. The projections during his performances amplify the sonic language and enhance the palpable atmospherics. The images are an integral part of the performance, not just ornaments. Maria Urrutia is Paulo’s companion on his sonic adventures, joining the project to live edit the visual side of the performance.

When he set out on this journey in 2017, Paulo was aware that he would be learning an unknown language, playing his songs live with layers of sound, alone on the stage. All this, together with the difficulty of playing melodies with the instrument’s two antennae, led him to using the entire year as a learning phase (he recorded a homemade 4-song demo). Thanks to his experience in other groups, he knew that the results would start to be different after a year of performing live. Also, he had too much respect for the theremin to presume that he could record an album so soon after setting out on this journey.

A year has passed and now his music has travelled through psychedelia, surf, electronica, Krautrock and more, to arrive on the record that you’re holding in your hands. His Subscope Voicematic theremin sounds more stable and expressive and his guitar works with more acoustic sounds, moving away from any easily defined influences towards a less over-layered sound. Paulo is part of the Metamovida Collective of Galician musicians ( and is also a member of their guided free improvisation orchestra.

The album Planeta Theremin marks a passage towards naturalness, simplicity and the pleasure of making music without conditions or goals. Clara Rockmore told future thereminists that «Less is more!” Understanding this about the theremin is to understand a lot.

Paulo Pascual is also involved in two parallel projects:

16 mm, where he works with Macarena Montesinos live scoring cinema films:

Tai Chi & Theremin, a project which brings together the worlds of the theremin and Tai Chi:

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Paulo Pascual

Planeta Theremin

Av Camelias nº 8 , Semisótano

Vigo, Galicia, España